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Coming soon - qd06 ’t Geruis - Terre, Poussière

Hi friends!

Hope life’s treating you well :)

Very pleased to announce that next to give us their interpretation of quiet details is the hugely gifted and mysterious Belgian artist, ’t Geruis.

Full release out next Wednesday 12th July - so looking forward to sharing this with wonderful album with you x

Known for releases on incredible labels such as LAAPS, LINE and Lost Tribe Sound - his take on the idea is a deeply thoughtful and emotional journey, sublime melodies that move in and out of focus meet driving forward momentum juxtaposed with hypnotic minimalism - truly one to get lost in.

There’s a boundless creativity and confidence in these tracks, the result of an artist that knows exactly the feelings they’re sharing with the listener.

Intricate sound design and a perfect sense of timing makes this a captivating and essential addition to the series.

In the words of ’t Geruis - "tu m'as manqué, je t'aime" - more next week.

As with our previous releases, the CD version is a continuous mix of the album, and what a special one this is - really building on the beauty of the individual tracks and creating something that is more than the sum of its parts - it’s no secret I’m a huge fan of listening to albums in full, artists put so much time and thought into the best way to sequence them - that’s the main reason we do the qd physical as these unique versions, so the artist can truly express their work in its most pure and complete way.

Also this is the first quiet details release I mastered in-house, as they will be from now on - really deepens the collaborative aspects of the label and my connection to the artist and music.

I made the artwork for this on based on a series of photos ’t Geruis sent me - hope it conveys the organic and natural feeling of the album.

Very kindly some wonderful people have shared tracks from the album on their mixes and shows, check them out here and, as always, support these curators that work so hard to bring us all new music:

And, our good friend from qd03 Luke Sanger’s brand new show on the awesome Threads Radio starts at 15:00 UK time today - highly recommended for a brilliant musical trip - tracks from qd06 and qd05 too this week.

So friends, this time next week :) For now, here are some examples of music from ’t Geruis to give you idea of the gorgeous album we’ve got coming:

Bain D' É toiles on LAAPS

Vast on LINE

Much love and more soon



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