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Coming soon - qd07 arovane - polymer

Hey friends!

Hope you’re well :)

Incredibly happy to share that, next Wednesday, our next release is a stunning interpretation of quiet details from a legend of the electronic music world, Uwe Zahn under his most well known moniker - arovane.

I’ve been a huge fan for a long time, with his back-catalogue stretching all the way back to the late 90s - always at the forefront of technical innovation and being one of the few artists to match this desire to explore and discover new tools and techniques with pure emotion and highly refined musical sensibilities.

From releases on seminal labels such as DIN and City Centre Offices to later on n5MD, ASIP, 12k and others - it’s a huge honour to bring you this next step in arovane’s always evolving creativity.

And polymer is just that - an album full of hyper-detailed textures, unknowable and deeply engaging, fused with warmth and harmonic structures of the highest order.

Synthetic elements meet field recordings - warped, granulised and manipulated using a range of carefully chosen equipment - this is an outstanding addition to the quiet details series from a true virtuoso of the electronic music and sound design worlds.

Digital and physical editions available - the CD presenting the long-form version - Uwe took the individual tracks and added new elements to make this completely unique and spellbinding trip.

Mastered here at quiet details studio, such a pleasure to have music of this quality to work with.

The artwork is based on a beautiful picture arovane sent me of inorganic evolution - exactly fitting with the synthetic nature of the album - as always I re-captured the image using analogue photography and worked on the resulting photographs by hand in various ways to arrive at the final image.

Here’s the first review, from Headphone Commute - I’ve mentioned the work they do before but it’s worth reiterating what an important part of the scene that blog is - been around for years and always bringing some of the best music journalism and helping countless people discover new sounds - thanks Mike x

We’ve had wonderful support from DJs and radio hosts, here are links to shows that’ve played tracks from polymer so far - as always, please support these awesome people in any way you can, let them know how great they are and share their work far and wide.

I’m certain that most of you reading this will have heard arovane’s music, knowledgable folk that you are, but here are a couple of recent albums I love.

Hard to choose from such an amazing catalogue, which also includes beautiful collaborations with the likes of 12k label owner and another wonderful musician, Taylor Deupree, as shown here.

And, as we mentioned Headphone Commute above, one more.

So thanks for reading, so excited to share this with you!

Also will be a super-limited repress of qd01 the humble bee for anyone that missed it the first time round - the first quiet details album from a dear friend that holds a very special place in my heart.

Much love and more soon x



Quick shout-out to some new reviews and plays of other qd albums, again huge thanks to the people that take the time to do this, show them all the love you can!

qd06 - ‘t Geruis


qd05 The Lifted Index


qd02 Field Lines Cartographer


And one more - another of my fav music sites, Foxy Digitalis, wrote a lovely review of my latest album as Fields We Found, Paths. Thanks Brad x

Excerpt: “Paths wields a quiet power that draws us in, charmed by the moving textures and plaintive atmosphere, hoping to find answers in these emotive aural forms. There’s an intricacy and delicacy hidden beneath the harmonic blur, and each moment is an invitation to seek further.”



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