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Coming soon - qd08 anthéne - balance

Hi friends!

Hope you’re well :)

New release announcement time - so pleased to welcome one of my favourite artists to share their interpretation of quiet details, one of the finest exponents of ethereal and melodically immersive sound-worlds - Brad Deschamps as anthéne.

Out next Wednesday 13th September x

Revered artist and curator of the wonderful Polar Seas label, Brad’s unique style of ever-expanding sonic creations has been evolving for many years - seen through his vast back-catalogue of solo works and collaborations - with releases on labels such as Home Normal, Hidden Vibes, PITP, Oscarson, Dronarivm, Whitelabel Recs, Archives, Ambientologist, Constellation Tatsu and many more - and collabs with qd favourites Ian Hawgood (as Rosales), Stijn Hüwels, Simon McCorry, Andrew Tasselmyer, IKSRE and more.

Fusing electronic explorations with electro-acoustic manipulations and field recordings - this new album, balance, is anthéne at his very best.

Taking the qd idea and in his own words:

“Embracing imperfections.

Finding aural balance with amplified hiss, static and white noise in unison with melody. Magnifying the smaller details.”

I also collaborated on a couple of tracks as Fields we Found - Brad sent over some pieces, I worked on them here and then returned for him to create the final versions. Lovely to be a part of it - and of course mastered here too.

Limited edition CD with long-form version and Bandcamp digital available as always.

This is a gorgeous and blissful album, huge yet full of intimacy - so looking forward to sharing it with you all x

So much anthéne to check out - here are three of my favs (although could easily have chosen many more!) - highly recommend digging for all his work, all just so good.

Rosales are anthéne and Ian Hawgood - enough said!!

Exciting times! Out this time next week - more then!


Now some shout-outs :)

qd08 anthéne


Anthony Child (Surgeon) - Nog Zone 5-9-2023

Still blows my mind to get support from Tony, I’ve been a fan for longer than I can remember - absolute hero, lovely man and understands music as well as anyone.


Space Is The Place Radio Show 31-8-2023


Kate Bosworth's Dark Train - 4-9-2023


qd07 arovane


Philip Sherburne’s Futurism Restated: September 5, 2023 Substack

Highly recommend signing up to Philip’s newsletter - one of the best music journalists around, always on point with sections and opinions.


"Four Larks and a Wren" radio playlist and BNDCMPR


The legend Ian Boddy giving arovane a shout-out :) I’m sure you all know his work, another amazing body of music and the label boss of the fantastic DiN - check it out, gorgeous synth excursions for days!


DJ SpaceTerrapin’s “It Came From… Enclosure Three”


HIMNOS PARA LA DERIVA - #275 - a beautiful tribute to the sadly missed Brain McBride - absolute creative genius from Stars of the Lid - RIP x


Katy Jay - Mixed Feelings 4-9-2023


qd06 ‘t Geruis

A beautiful review in qd fav - igloo mag


Thanks so much for reading and more next week!

Much love

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