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Coming soon - qd12 zakè - Lapis

Hi friends - Happy New Year :)

For our first release of 2024 I’m so pleased to share an incredible album by one of the most influential and celebrated composers of recent years, the legendary zakè.

Out next Wednesday 17th January, digital and CD with special long-form version and art print. We’ll also have a listening party Thursday 18th Jan at 19:00 UK time.

To anybody that’s been following ambient, drone and adjacent genres in the last decade, he will need no introduction. Owner of Past Inside the Present and its various sub-labels, and a prolific artist in this own right - zakè has become a leading light and carved out his own unique corner of the music world.

Lapis is a perfect example of his meditative approach to music - layers upon layers of hypnotic textures, evolving and drawing you in to the deepest states of consciousness.

True ambient music from a master of the form.

An antique Steinway piano, vintage synths and tape decks, field recordings - all beautifully shaped and treated to create these stunning sound-worlds.

As he says himself - “When I began writing these arrangements, I drew inspiration from the words of Ram Dass, who once wrote, "The quieter you become, the more you will hear.”

Full quote and more coming next week x

For now, here are two wonderful recent examples of zakè’s music:

The first a solo album for PITP

The second a collaboration with the awesome Benoît Pioulard

Very exciting times, so looking forward to sharing this with you - we’ve got so much to come this year and this is the perfect start, for qd and for me personally, it’s been a companion to some deep thoughts recently, I hope you connect with it as much as I have.


Now some shout-outs, it’s a new year so the perfect time to show our love and appreciation to the DJs and writers, support them however you can.

qd12 (check for a preview of the album)






So much love to all of these people and the others that supported us last year, just amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful x


That’s it for now - more next week!


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