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Coming soon - qd17 øjeRum - En Sten For Solen

Hi friends - hope all good :)

Very happy to announce that up next to give us their quiet details interpretation is the endlessly creative audio and visual artist, øjeRum.

As well known in the music world as he’s admired in the realm of visual art, øjeRum has a huge string of incredible releases to his name - on the likes of Room40, eilean rec, Opal Tapes, Fluid Audio, Vaagner and more. In addition to this he has huge respect (and an equally huge fan-base) for his beautiful collages, taking vintage prints and reimagining them by hand into the most stunning pieces.

So it’s an honour to have him join us on qd - true to his explorations of highly textural and enigmatic sound-worlds, here he’s created something verging on the mystical - opaque melodies dance within layers of vaporous structures - powerfully immersive and completely magnetic.

Out next Wednesday 8th May - CD with special long-form edition and separate art-print - øjeRum gave me one of his collages to use at the basis of the art for this album - a real pleasure to work with a unique piece from such a well-regarded artist - we’re so pleased with the final piece and very happy to share it with you.

We’ll also have a Listening Party on Thursday 9th 19:00 UK time - hope to see you there - more people join every time and they’re such a cool way to hang out.

Until then here are some wonderful albums he’s previously released, highly recommend digging into the back-catalogue, so much to explore.


Now some shout-outs:

Kate Bosworth’s Dark Train on Warminster Radio

Kevin Press on The Moderns Ep.312

Bill Fox on Galactic Travels

Teddy Wong on Psychic Glands

Huge thanks to these friends - check out all their work and support however you can x

Finally a tip for something new out today - Loula Yorke’s newsletter with the “first monthly sound offering which comprises a 1-hour sound piece and an accompanying piece of descriptive writing” - everything she does is awesome so highly recommend checking this out and following/supporting her.


That’s it for now, much love and more next week friends :)


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