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qd08 anthéne - balance - out now!

Hi friends!

Hope all good :)

This month we have a master of expansive and beautifully harmonic soundscapes giving us his stunning interpretation of quiet details, Brad Deschamps as anthéne.

Available as CD with unique long-form edition and artwork, and digital half price until 22th September x

Listening party this Friday 19:00 GMT+1 - would love you join Brad and me to listen to and chat about the album - free as always!

A prolific artist, with a huge discography of solo and collaborative works, as well as running the widely respected label Polar Seas.

We see releases on wonderful labels such as Home Normal, Hidden Vibes, PITP, Oscarson, Dronarivm, Whitelabel Recs, Archives, Ambientologist, Constellation Tatsu and many more - and collabs with qd favourites Ian Hawgood (as Rosales), Stijn Hüwels, Simon McCorry, Andrew Tasselmyer and more.

Here we see his signature creation of vast and enveloping spaces, full of soaring waves of blissful calm and endlessly deep subsonic frequencies - his subtle guitar and synth work at times highly processed and manipulated beyond recognition, at others there to enjoy in their purest state.

Field recordings, noise and unknown sounds drift in and out of these billowing textures, expertly judged to allow the listener to float through every piece as it morphs and changes with a gentle flow.

Refined and expert sound-design with unparalleled melodic understanding meets a complete knowledge of what makes an album work as a whole - creating worlds that soothe every corner of the mind and body, music to engulf the senses and take you somewhere else - ethereal and majestic at every turn.

The long-form CD version is a unique and continuous version, with additional sounds blending the tracks together seamlessly.

In a first for the label, I collaborated on two tracks as Fields we Found - Brad sent me the tracks which I processed here at quiet details studios, then returned results for him to use in the final versions. They were stunning to begin with and so it was real honour to be part of this wonderful album.

The artwork is based on two photographs Brad sent over, both of aerial landscapes. I put these through my process and we ended up far removed from the originals with an image we felt worked perfectly for the album.

It was real joy to master this album too, it was already mixed in the most subtle and elegant way so getting it ready to release was just a case of enhancing the beauty that was already present in abundance - something anthéne does as well as anyone I know.

Huge thanks to anthéne, it’s an honour to have him as part of the series.

As usual, the album is presented on the physical edition, a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too.

The CD also has a special long-form continuous mix of the album, representing the music in it purest form.

Hope you enjoy, much love!



Also we're releasing a super-limited run of the quiet details classic -

qd02 Field Lines Cartographer - these sold out very quickly when originally out so really pleased to share more today.


We had some more support for the qd08, here are some shout-outs to our dear friends we appreciate so much:

a closer listen - Fall Music Preview 2023 ~ Ambient & Drone - fantastic round-up of music coming soon from this excellent blog

No Place Like Drone 6/9/23 - Dublin’s finest with another deep dive

Textura - big thanks again to Ron for hosting a track from balance for you to download and sample the album


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