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qd13 Maps and Diagrams - if all will be lost - out now!

Hi friends :)

Next up in quiet details series is a hugely prolific veteran of the electronic music world, Tim Martin, here as Maps and Diagrams.

Out now on digital and limited CD with long-form edition, six panel digipack and fine art print. Digital half price until 16th Feb x

Listening party details to come.

Active since 2001, he has released over thirty-five albums as a solo artist and in collaboration with many wonderful artists, and appeared on many well-respected labels - False Industries, Static Caravan, Nomadic Kids Republic, Beko DSL, Fluid Audio, Time Released Sound, Chemical Tapes, Smallfish, Toytronic, Expanding Records and both Moamoo and Symbolic Interaction in Japan to name a few.

Tim also runs the Handstitched* label in the UK which specialises in bespoke, handmade packaging for the more electro-acoustic and experimental elements of his own work, as well as other like-minded music. He even appeared on the legendary John Peel Show.

‘if all will be lost’ is Maps and Diagrams at his most nuanced - within constantly evolving landscapes we see delicate and beautifully textured miniatures fading in and out of view - it’s a huge organic world we find ourselves in, with the sense of forward motion matched by the deep feeling of serenity.

The level of sound design is indicative of the amount of time Tim has spent honing his craft - you feel you recognise some of the elements yet it’s hard to make out their acoustic origin - just gorgeous tones that complement each other perfectly - something is always happening, at its right time, in its right place. Metals, wood, strings, synths, field recordings - all processed to form a place all of its own.

At times psychedelic, others peaceful and serene - this is a wonderful album that only someone with an innate understanding and years of experience of music could create.

In the words of Maps and Diagrams:

Working with the concept of a quieter sound, and an overall theme of a world in climate survival mode - I've constructed an environment of lowercase composition for this new album, a little less-busy than my previous works, subtle and melodic themes were processed and passing moments were sketched, passed through tape and later formed into tape loops and recurring instances for an intentional shift towards an experimental tonality and a natural space within the music, this allowed me to have more fluidity, an unrestricted musical structure and reflective moments during the album making process. Each piece was [then] developed into working pieces that have gone on to form the album "if all will be lost".

Huge thanks to Tim for this wonderful album and being a part of the series.

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album - originating from a picture Tim chose and processed here at quiet details studios.

Mastered here too as usual.


Also out today is a second run of qd07 arovane - polymer. This is a stunning album that was named in quite a few end-of-year lists in 2023 - immaculate sound-design meets true musicality from a master.


Now some shout-outs:



Huge thanks to them as always - check out everything they do and support them if you



Thank you all and much love!


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