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qd17 øjeRum - En Sten For Solen - out now!

Hi friends - hope you’re all well :)

Next in the quiet details series we have something very special - an incredible interpretation from the musician and visual artist, øjeRum.

Out now on digital and limited CD with long-form edition, six panel digipack and fine art print. Digital half price until 17th May x

Listening party Thursday 8th May - 19:00 UK time - link to follow.

Loved for his music as much as his stunning collages, øjeRum has a deep back-catalogue of releases spanning labels such as Room40, Opal Tapes, Fluid Audio and many more - all exploring his unique minimal and deeply textural style.

With En Sten for Solen (A Stone To The Sun, translated from his native Danish) we find an album which builds on his already finely-honed sensibilities and creates an emotive and introspective journey through his refined creativity.

Beginning with what feels like rhythmic footsteps into the immersive worlds he’s so adept at conjuring, you quickly fall deeper into these mesmerising and all-encompassing narcotic soundscapes.

Gaseous clouds mix with disintegrating melodic phrases, beautifully designed auditory illusions come in and out of focus - all perfectly paced and subtly shifting as time goes on and the music draws you further in. This music, like his artwork, has an almost mystical feeling, verging on the supernatural - it’s timeless and has a way of speaking to people regardless of background or culture - it’s purely human and moving beyond words. The production is as we’ve come to expect from øjeRum - dense yet soft, with bright rays of light beaming through the nebulous mist.

Living up to his reputation as an artist that traverses media with great skill, along with the album he wrote these poetic words:

I hold a stone to the sun / so I cannot see

the sun for the stone / but only its outline

that vibrates and shapes / the stone bigger and smaller

organic and graceful as / an angel in the snow

until the point where / the stone seems to disappear

too real to be / real and / now I hold the sun

the sun for the stone / and the angel in the snow

is dancing with the sun / in the stone

Huge thanks to øjeRum for everything, a truly complete and wonderful addition to the series.

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album - this time it was very special as øjeRum is so well-know for his visual art - he gave me the honour of using one of his original collages as the basis for the piece - which was then captured with analogue photography and processed here at quiet details studios. We’re both very happy with the results and so pleased to share it with you.

A translation:

øjeRum - A Stone To The Sun

1 The Sun’s Light Behind My Eyelids

2 A Hundred Years From Now

3 When Bodies Of Glass Contract

4 Out Crawls The Day

5 Under The Dream

6 A Stone To The Sun


Also today we have the second run of the wonderful qd11 Cat Tyson Hughes - Roses in the Casement Window. An incredible album that reached first place any genre/any format on Bandcamp.

As I said at the time:

This is an album of calm and gentle beauty - washes of Cat’s vocal soar over deep and undulating bass creating three-dimensional worlds of immense depth and space - you can feel the emotion and honesty emanating as each track unfolds. This is healing music.

Delicate melodies emerge through these clouds and waves of sonic bliss, with constant movement and endless layers overlapping to create soundscapes that have the potential to transport you to another place - the combination of vocal and synth harmonies with field recordings and electro-acoustics has resulted in an album with a character completely unique to Cat, nobody makes music quite like this, we’re very lucky to experience it.


Now some shout-outs - so much love to the DJ and writers that support us regularly and new friends too - they do amazing work so read/listen/support however you can.

Legend Jonathan More (Coldcut) for tipping qd15 and 16 in his Bandcamp Friday recs and playing Seabuckthorn on his Soho radio Out2Lunch show (4/5/2024)

Daniel Imhof playing three songs of Seabuckthorn in the last show, and Slow Reels in the show before

Adrian writing a lovely review of qd16 on Concrete Islands

Wonderful print review of qd15 by Mirco Salvadori in Rockerilla

qd17 previews on:

Richard Heinemann on E-Lodie

DJ BLeeK Urban Mutant Lawnmowers-Hornblowers

Francis Beaubois on Electronic Therapy


So huge thanks friends, so pleased to share this new one with you - hope you enjoy!


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