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Some thoughts on qd12 Lapis from zakè and half price ending soon x

Hi everyone - hope all good :)

Just a quick one today to say Friday is the last day of half price for zakè’s beautiful contribution to the quiet details series - thanks all so much for the incredible support so far.

During the process, I asked zakè for his thoughts on making the album - true to form, he gave me these deeply reflective insights:

David Byrne once said it best.

"Home, is where I want to beBut I guess I'm already thereI come home, she lifted up her wingsGuess that this must be the place."

Lapis embodies the essence of home, evident in these song titles. It's a sanctuary, a space brimming with respite, love, and boundless creativity echoing through its walls. Amidst the winter gray, home is a vivid burst of intense colors, just as 'lapis' is described as intense colors with depth and character. The blue hue signifies qualities like  trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, and faith. 

Family is the cornerstone of our existence, an entity bound by vows that transcend time and circumstance. It is akin to our very essence, reflecting our shared origin and the interconnectedness that defines us. Within the familial embrace, we find a guiding force that shapes our values, molds our character, and provides a sense of belonging. Home, both metaphorically and literally, is where the heart of our family resides—a sanctuary of love, understanding, and unwavering support. Home is where I want to be; indeed, this is the place.


Much love friends


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