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Thanks for everything this year! And a last few shout-outs

Hi friends!

Huge thanks for everything this year - all your love, positivity and support has been so heartwarming and so incredibly generous.

Along with the beautiful music from the artists, it's the people who buy our releases that have made the label what it is today - that's you and I'm so grateful, it means so much x

Today's the last day to pick up the digital of the wonderful qd11 Cat Tyson Hughes and CD stocks getting low - been amazing to see how this album's been so well received!

As a small token of my appreciation, use the code qdthanks25 to get 25% off anything from our Bandcamp for the rest of the day. And also fwfthanks25 here:


Now the final lot of shout-outs - so so appreciative to all the DJs and writers this year, their support for qd has been more than I could have imagined - they’re so important to the scene so give them all the love you can!

Huge thanks to Ryan over at the hugely inspiring A Strangely Isolated Place for including a track from qd07 arovane in his end-of-year favourites mix.

And same to Ali Wade, co-founder of the awesome label Frequency Domain, for including a track, again from arovane’s stunning album, on this mix for The Observatory - another great mix series.


Have a wonderful rest of the year - lots more to come in 2024 and something very special in January!

Much love and thanks again


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