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Coming soon - qd10 Tape Loop Orchestra - Onde Sinusoïdale Et Bande Magnétique

Hi friends - hope you’re all ok :)

So happy to say that next to give us their interpretation of quiet details is an artist of exceptional talent and thoughtfulness, Andrew Hargreaves - here as Tape Loop Orchestra with Onde Sinusoïdale Et Bande Magnétique, out next Wednesday 15th November .

Andrew’s musical history is vast and varied - from industrial, ambient and experimental works under his own name and other aliases, to being a founding member of hugely influential The Boats (along with qd fav Craig Tattersall), to his gorgeous left-field pop with The Mistys.

Tape Loop Orchestra might be his best known solo project and here he carries on that lineage to create something truly stunning - this TLO exploration is totally enveloping in its considered minimalism, using a small collection of carefully chosen equipment to beautiful and nuanced effect.

Precisely tuned sine drones evolve and fall apart over time, revealing new and concealed harmonic interactions; subsonic frequencies together with blurred tape loops and textures - this is ultra-deep and completely engaging music put together by someone that has a broad knowledge of music that’s come before and the finely tuned sensibilities to create something new and fiercely original.

Such an honour to share this with you, huge thanks to Andrew for being part of the series. We’ll also have a listening party on Friday 17th Nov at 19:00 UK time, would love to see you all there :)

Artwork (based on a picture from Andrew), design and mastering done here at quiet details studios.

I’m a huge fan of all of his work, here are some to check out ahead of next week’s release.

The first two are solo works as TLO and under his own name:

And here’s his work together with the wonderful Beth Roberts as The Mistys, last album recently out on the great Castles In Space:

And one more - The Boats - this one a very special collaborative release between the awesome labels Home Normal and Flau:

So looking forward to sharing this with you, more very soon!


Few shout-outs to our lovely friends out there sharing qd music - support the scene if you can :)xx

DJ BLeeK playing qd10, a track from arovane’s qd07 and also my recent fields we found track on the Hollow Earth Radio fundraiser comp - great mix all round

Dublin’s deep-listening heroes - the No Place Like Drone crew, playing qd10 on this lovely mix

The always brilliant Kate Bosworth playing qd10 on the Dark Train


Legend Jonathan More (Coldcut) sharing qd07 on his Bandcamp Friday recs

And finally new friend Paduan dropping two qd03 Luke Sanger tracks on his latest mix for Balamii - check out all his shows, top stuff

That’s it - thanks for reading and catch up next week!

Much love



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