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about us

Collaboration is at the centre of what quiet details is about.

Through the process of working with artists we love, we aim to build a completely open-ended, inclusive and diverse series and that gives them total freedom to explore the idea in their own way.


Each release will be accompanied by artwork handmade in-house by label owner, fields we found, with the music and each artists’ intuition as a guide to the palette and structure

each piece will be made through a combination of paper-making, natural dyes, mixed media and analogue photography – we hope each piece conveys the feeling and space of each album, directly from the artists.


Every release will be available here as physical items, with bespoke packaging and individual prints of the artwork.

The CDs and other physical media will be presented, where possible, as a special continuous mix, only available on that format we love long-form listening and want the music to be experienced exactly as the artist intended digital download of individual tracks will be available too via our Bandcamp page.


We will also be supporting the work of the people at Tonic Music for Mental Health – they do amazing things helping people with a wide range of mental health issues, an area we feel strongly about.


much love, quiet details 

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