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Coming soon - qd15 Slow Reels (Ian Hawgood and James Murray) - Everyday Exotic

Hi friends - hope all good :)

Something very special for you coming next week, honoured to be sharing the latest quiet details album from two of my favourite artists - Ian Hawgood and James Murray, together as Slow Reels.

Following on from two previous outings under this moniker (on Morr Music and Fluid Audio), here we present Slow Reels at their most beautifully open and melodic.

Stunningly textured and delicate synthesiser tones mix with vivid and rich piano, melodies and harmonies intertwining to create a beautiful suite of tracks that manage to be both vibrant and subdued in the same moment. Environmental recordings add to the atmosphere of entering a new world, eyes wide with discovery and with a deep sense of belonging.

Gorgeous and life-affirming - this is a sonic bath that I’m so pleased to be a part of sharing with you.

Out next Wednesday 20th March - digital and CD versions. Physical as always with a special long-form edition of the album and separate art print. We’ll likely also have a listening party on the Thursday - will confirm the time next week.

For now, please check out their previous two albums, both stand alone as incredible works and they all live together perfectly as a series.


Along with this, we have a second run of qd09 observatories (Ian Hawgood and Craig Tattersall). Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Craig’s work - and also knows how much love and respect I have for Ian and his music too. All their music together and solo is constantly in rotation here and I’m really happy to be making some more CDs available for anyone that missed out.

It’s especially lovely the two releases coincided as we see Ian’s breadth of talent and ability to collaborate so well - as always check out his vast back catalogue and also his label Home Normal, one of the best of all time.

Talking of Craig, highly recommend checking out his label - Umbrella Publishing - where he explores many corners of music and sound art - there are lots of people working in this field yet Craig has a certain something that makes him stand out as a very special and unique artist. This is the latest release with the very talented Chrystal Cherniwchan, as always with beautifully designed, hand-made packaging.

Big tip to follow the page to keep in touch and up-to-date with future releases.


Now for some shout-outs.


Bepi Crespan playing Ionian on Bepi Crespan PresentsEpisode March 9, 2024

Francis Beaubois on Electronic Therapy


Headphone Commute in their recent releases post March 7th, 2024


Support the DJs and writers anyway you can friends, they mean a great deal to me and I’m very grateful to them all :)x


Much love friends, more next week!


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