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Coming soon - qd16 Seabuckthorn - this warm, this late

Hi friends - hope all good :)

Super happy to share that the next artist to give us their interpretation of quiet details is the wonderful multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Andy Cartwright - here as Seabuckthorn.

Out next Wednesday 17th April, digital and CD with unique long-form edition and fine art-print. Listening party Thursday 18th April 19:00 UK time - link to come.

Seabuckthorn is widely know as one of the most innovative and creative musicians working today, releasing albums on many leading labels, doing scores for theatre and film, and performing live in many countries - guitar being his main form of expression by using a wide range of extended techniques, and also many other instruments.

‘this warm, this late’ sees him take all this expertise and apply it to the quiet details concept with dazzling effect.

An album of stunning and evolving pieces - from perfectly judged and fluent melodic work to deep drones and soundscapes - this album breathes in an exquisitely organic and human way. We also see a guest appearance from Phil Cassel, bringing double bass and trombone to join Andy’s ensemble in the most complimentary fashion.

It’s a huge pleasure to share this with you, it stands unique in the series and shows the possibilities of the idea in such original hands.

Here are a couple of albums from Seabuckthorn’s back catalogue that go some way to showing Andy’s beautiful musicality.

More next week friends!


Now some shout-outs, loads this week - huge thanks to all of them, check out these awesome shows and support these wonderful people however you can x



Special mention on of my musical inspirations, Anthony Child (DJ Surgeon) who played tracks from qd13, qd14 and qd15 on his Nog Zone show on Noods Radio - so grateful for the plays and to see someone I admire so much playing our music - essential listening every show.

Today there’s a new release by Material Object on his label with Dean Bean, Old Technology - live, psychedelic synth excursions - highly recommended x


Now a bit of fields we found (my own music) news - Polar Seas, the label run by ambient legend and mind behind qd08, anthéne, released it’s final album last week - a compilation of some of the finest musicians around, including Ian Hawgood, IKSRE, David Cordero, Simon McCorry, Stijn H​ü​wels, awakened souls, zakè, Andrew Tasselmyer and more - and a track from me. I also had the honour of mastering it.

Highly recommended, you can check it out here:

More fields we found coming soon too :) x


Thanks for reading friends, see you next week.


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