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Great to see you all at the Listening Party - huge thanks for coming :)

Hey all :)

Fantastic party last night - amazing to see everyone and have so many people come along, probably our busiest one yet - so many artists and friends and so much love for zakè’s stunning album - massive thanks to all of you for coming and making it so special!

The response has been incredible - qd12 is now the number two bestselling release on all of Bandcamp, in any genre, in any format - considering all the other music being released on the platform that’s truly a testament to zakè’s talent and to every single person that bought the album - you’re a wonderful bunch of supporters and I feel endlessly grateful to all of you!

CDs sold-out late last night - that’s all gone in under 48hrs… mind.. blown.

So thank you, much love to you all :)

Digital still half-price!


Now some shout-outs:

First to Electronic Sound Mag - one of my favourite publications ever and example of exactly why we still need physical press, just a beautifully produced and curated monthly magazine - written by people that truly know and care about what they do.

This month’s lead story was Ambient: From A to Zzzzz - an encyclopaedic snapshot of the genre including legends such as Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Basic Channel, William Basinski, The Black Dog, GAS, KMRU, Laraaji, Laurel Halo, Legowelt, Pete Namlook (and Move D), Pauline Oliveros, Klaus Schulze, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Scanner and so many more.

quiet details was part of it…. to be an entry next to so many of my musical inspirations is a huge honour, beyond appreciative to the ES team for including qd and the excellent Mat Smith for writing it!

Also in the mag was a lovely review of qd11 Cat Tyson Hughes by top journalist Bob Fischer - big thanks to him and also the editorial team for featuring the artwork on the page too!

Just amazing - big love to Mat, Bob, Claire Francis, Push and the rest of the team there - it’s such a fantastic mag so highly recommend subscribing!


Second shout is to Shawn Reynaldo, author of the First Floor Substack.

Shawn’s another brilliant journalist with nuanced insights into the world of electronic music and always on-point recommendations - he very kindly mentioned qd12 in his latest newsletter along with so much more. His book is a big tip too!

Check it out here


Finally big thanks to Katy Jay from Skylab Radio for playing a track from qd12 on last night’s show - it’s always full of the best music - check out here:


One last thing before I go, today sees the launch of the brand new Moonbuilding Weekly - from another of the best journalists around, Neil Mason, in collaboration with one of the best labels around, Castles In Space. The printed edition is completely essential and this will be no different - subscribing is an absolute no-brainer, will be packed full of music and chat that’ll just make your Fridays better :)

Check it out here


That’s it for now friends - thank you so much for everything, deeply grateful to each and every one of you!

Much love


quiet details studios - mastering and audio services


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