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Respect to the writers and DJs

Hey friends - hope all good :) Thanks again for all the support, been an incredible couple of weeks since the label started and really appreciate all the kind words!

So just wanted to say a big thank you to all the writers and DJs who've supported the first quiet details release from the humble bee - so grateful for them taking the time and sending so much positivity our way.

Shout out to:

Shawn Reynaldo in his always excellent First Floor newsletter: “at times evoking thoughts of a less bombastic Tim Hecker, but even during its most stripped-down moments, the song’s glacial patience (and elegance) feels truly spellbinding.” wow - high praise indeed.

Really recommend subscribing to the newsletter - great writing and thought provoking music journalism

Neil Mason in his Good Stuff mentions on Twitter - Neil's a brilliant journalist, from his involvement in the wonderful Electronic Sound mag to all the other top-tier writing and support for artists across the board

Textura for hosting a track in their featured downloads section - been reading this blog for years so this was a real honour

Guillermo at for the review - another fantastic blog with some wonderful recommendations - the album is “creating meditative spaces that allow the listener to have an active listening and enjoy the uplifting melodic passages found in every corner of this album.”

Grey Clay Radio for featuring both the humble bee and fields we found on their wide-ranging playlists

The very talented Karen Vogt for playing a track on her Camp radio show

The lovely Richard Heinemann on the E-Lodie show

Kevin Press on his great ‘the moderns blog’ for featuring the label and playing the release in his podcast

The awesome ‘no place like drone’ on their Dublin Digital Radio show

post ambient lux for adding us to their well curated recommendations

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone - please check out and support the work all of these amazing people do - they deeply care about the music and work tirelessly to share it, often with not as much credit as they deserve! Huge respect to all of them.

and…. qd02 Field Lines Cartographer coming Wednesday 15th March (all qd releases will be on a Wed around this date in the month) - full announcement next week - super excited to share this, it’s very special :)

Here's his stunning last album on the superb Castles In Space for a taste of what’s to come

Much love


quiet details


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