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qd03 Luke Sanger - out today!

Updated: May 16, 2023

Hi friends

Hope all good!

quiet detail 03 Luke Sanger - Salt Water Motifs is out now :)

So pleased to be putting this out - I’m a huge fan of all Luke’s work and this is such a perfect interpretation of quiet details.

Here we find him in at his very best, creating an otherworldly journey with off-kilter fuzzy melodics and morphing auditory illusions - this is heady and beautiful music, taking the quiet details idea and making something truly unique.

Colourful synths, some upfront and others miles away in the ether, mix with highly processed field recordings and other gorgeous sound design, making the most of every space in this nuanced trip through time and space.

Each track is full of elements with their own quirky character and personality, there’s a huge sense of depth in this album and it flows beautifully along with each listen.

A stunning album to warp your perception, such an honour to be sharing it with you.

For artwork, a pallet of purples and pinks through to shades of blue seemed to fit perfectly with the kaleidoscopic nature of the music.

Made in-house with paper-making, natural dyes, mixed media, collage and analogue photography.

As usual, a special long-form version of the album is presented on the physical edition, a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too.

And accompanying the CD and extended mix version, a first for qd, we’ll also have a super-limited cassette edition, with a different version of the artwork and the long-form audio in two distinct parts.

Mastered by the lovely Ian Hawgood.

Huge thanks to Luke for the music and being a part of the series.

Hope you enjoy!

Much love



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