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qd07 arovane - polymer - out now!

Hi friends!

Absolutely thrilled to announce that next up for their interpretation of quiet details is the ultra-talented veteran of the music and sound design worlds, the wonderful Uwe Zahn, here as arovane.

Available as CD with unique long-form edition and artwork, and digital half price until 25th August x

A brief look into his discography reveals a catalogue going back to the late 90s, always exploring the cutting edge of sound on some of the most adventurous and forward-thinking labels around.

From his first outings on the legendary DIN and City Centre Offices to later on n5MD, ASIP, 12k and others - his is a musical history full of incredible places to explore, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Here we see all this experience brought to bear on this superb take on the quiet details idea.

Deftly intricate sound manipulations and hyper-detailed digital textures somehow also breathing with a deep and enveloping warmth - each track a perfect prelude to the next in a mesmerising journey.

Undulating drones and granular fragments melt into exquisite melody then noise shapes and beyond - this is a masterclass from an artist with a crystal clear vision and all the skills to realise it.

Using carefully chosen tools to warp synthesised modulations, field recordings and other acoustic phenomena - a wonderfully nuanced trip through sound, never once allowing technical innovation to get in way of the true musicality at arovane’s core. The long-form version continues this, fusing the album tracks together with illusionary transitions - always my preferred way to listen, this is a truly special way to experience the music.

For the artwork, Uwe sent me a stunning photo of inorganic evolution, a perfect partner to the synthetic nature of the album - I took this, edited, re-photographed and manipulated the results by hand, to make a final image that lives together with the sounds to make this a complete piece.

Huge thanks to arovane, it’s an honour to have him as part of the series.

As usual, the album is presented on the physical edition, a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too. The CD also has a special long-form continuous mix of the album, representing the music in it purest form.

Mastered in-house to fully connect the artist, label and artwork.

Hope you enjoy x


Also released today is a super-limited second run of the qd01 the humble bee - lichen cloak on a white stone. It’s absolutely no secret to anyone that knows me what a huge fan of his work I am so I’m really pleased to be giving anyone that missed out the first time round a chance to grab this wonderful album and the special long-form version on CD.

From the original promo:

Starting with subtle and detailed field recordings and frayed piano tape loops, it evolves over the course of the album, a true masterclass in delicate use of time, space and dynamics. Melodic richness meets fragmented loops and atmospherics in the most gorgeous way, as only the humble bee can.

Mastered by our good friend and beautiful soul, Ian Hawgood.


These two albums are perfect examples of the concept of quiet details - two very different artists, both geniuses in my eyes, making music in their own unique way - taking the phrase and making something truly special - it's an honour to share this timeless music with you.

Much love and thanks always for the support, means the world.



Few quick shout-outs since the last post:

Support the DJs! The work so hard for often very little and are an essential part of the scene x


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