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qd12 zakè - Lapis - out now!

Hi friends!

To bring in the new year, I’m so glad to have one of the pillars of modern electronic music sharing their interpretation of quiet details, the visionary zakè.

Out now - as usual, the album is presented as a physical edition, glass-mastered CD with a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too. This also has the special long-form continuous mix of the album, representing the music in its purest form, and this one is a beauty.

Digital edition also available - half price until 26th January x

Listening party tomorrow, Thursday 18th Jan at 19:00 UK time - link to follow on Bandcamp.

Founder of Past Inside the Present, one of the leading labels focusing on ambient in all its forms, and many sub-labels and connected imprints, zakè has built up an incredible community of artists and fans alike - a world of positivity and forward- thinking music loved across the board.

His own music is a cornerstone of this and, in many ways, represents the fundamental expression - on zakè Drone Recordings we find a dazzling array of solo and collaborative albums - the mark of an artist with a clear and pure vision, and we see this brought to bear with his stunning qd album, Lapis.

This is ambient music in its purest form. Layers upon layers of highly textural loops intertwine with each other over the course of each track, ever shifting and morphing as new forms emerge during the passing of time.

zakè creates boundless and totally immersive sound-worlds, infinite expanses in which to wander - beautiful melodic and harmonic phrases drift in and out of focus, a true sense of three dimensional space underpinned by the deepest and most enveloping bass frequencies, themselves providing a perfect counterpoint to the elements undulating above.

Played low, this is a guided meditation; played loud it is physical music that’s nothing less than transcendent.

The stunning textures are sourced from a range of instruments and recording techniques - an antique Steinway piano, vintage synths and tape decks, field recordings - all contribute to the atmospheric wonder.

In zakè’s own words:

When I began writing these arrangements, I drew inspiration from the words of Ram Dass, who once wrote, "The quieter you become, the more you will hear.” I wrote this quote in my journal, along with other phrases and expressions that revolved around the theme of quietude. Kept it open and next to me. These tracks revolved around crafting unhurried melodies and delicate layers that embodied the essence of silence and reflection; a quiet, hidden sanctuary. I naturally gravitated towards loop-based arrangements, as they have a unique ability to breathe and evolve. Whether engaging in passive or intentional listening, the qualities of loop- based music have the power to unveil sounds that might otherwise remain hidden, inviting the mind to become an integral part of the musical experience.

Huge thanks to zakè for this wonderful album and being a part of the series.

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album - originating from a picture zakè choose and processed here at quiet details studios.

Also mastered at qd studios - was a lovely one to work on.

Hope you enjoy!


Also out today is a second run of the stunning qd06 ‘t Geruis - Terre, Poussière.

Melodies engulfed within gaseous clouds and saturation evoke distant memories; faint and delicate textures evolve gradually over time taking the listener through a series of shifting emotions.

The level of sound design is truly incredible - subtle and refined, at times purposefully minimal and hypnotic, at others undulating with an undeniable forward momentum. The pacing and patience is something to behold and is the mark of an artist at the top of his game.


Few shout-outs too:

Big thanks to them as always, check out all their work!


Thank you all and much love!


quiet details studios - mastering and audio services


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