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Thanks for the support and (free!) listening party news!

Hey friends!

Wonderful release day yesterday, thank you all so much x

So pleased to see you all love this album as much as I do, polymer went straight in at the top of the Bandcamp ambient charts all formats, and was the second bestselling CD and sixth overall all formats on the entire platform!

So well deserved by arovane, if anyone’s an example of hard-work and dedication, mixed with raw talent, it’s him!

CDs with the unique long-form version and artwork going fast but some still available.. digital still half price.

And amazingly the second run of qd01 is in fifth place and nearly all gone!

So pleased as I’m a huge fan of everything the humble bee does so this was a very special first release.

Just wow, so much love to each and everyone of you x

Inspired by a wonderful couple of listening parties yesterday (awakened souls with their album 'unlikely places' on PITP and Taylor Deupree with his album 'Eev' - both stunning and highly recommended!) - arovane and I thought we'd do one too :)

It's a lovely way to get everyone together, listen to and chat about the album, music and anything else that comes up!

Here’s the link, and it’s free!

Would love you to join us next Monday, arovane and I will both be there and loads of people signed up already - would be great to have you there and see friends new and old!

Much love and hopefully see you on Monday, everyone’s welcome!



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