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For the next interpretation of quiet details we have one of the modern masters of atmospheric, enveloping soundscapes, Mark Burford as Field Lines Cartographer.


With a history of incredible albums and live shows, it’s an honour to present Mark’s take on the idea - a mix of beautiful synthesised textures and delicate field recordings.


He has an endless talent for building deep and evolving pieces, full of melody and modulating washes of ambience that are as captivating as they are hypnotising.

The tracks flow perfectly into each other, taking the listener on an emotive trip through a series of wide-open spaces - truly music to close your eyes and get lost in, revealing more layers on every listen.


Mark made all the field recordings on the isle of Anglesey - these sounds are a huge part of the album and fill it with a sense of being a part of that legendary place - he puts his feelings about it in the notes below, describing it far better that I could here.

Created on a range of analogue and digital synths and effects, combined with the location audio, Mark draws out an astonishing sound palette in his own unique way - there’s nobody quite like him and it’s such a pleasure to share this wonderful album with you.


As usual, a special long-form version of the album is presented on the physical edition.

For artwork, we chose a base of blues and green to represent the natural spaces many of the sounds originate from - the sea, skies and landscapes of Anglesey - we hope this feeling comes across and it evokes imagination of what it may have been like at that time. Made in-house with paper-making, natural dyes, mixed media, collage and analogue photography.


Huge thanks Mark for the music and being a part of the series.


From Field Lines Cartographer: —

A sonic exploration of place and time: past, present and future, using synthesisers and field recordings.

Equipment used :
LA67 Mort's Barge - Buchla 100 Series clone small modular system
Buchla 208C Easel Command synthesiser
Elektron Syntakt synthesiser
FX pedals from Chase Bliss and Eventide
Field recordings from the isle of Anglesey, summer 2022, using a Tascam DR-40 portable recorder

Many thanks to Alex for the invitation and the idea.

Special thanks to the beautiful isle of Anglesey - your wonderful landscapes, people, myths and legends. I hope I captured some of your magic.

Love to my family, friends and everyone who continues to support my music Heddwch a chariad

Mark —


Music by Mark Burford as Field Lines Cartographer
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Artwork by quiet details in collaboration with Field Lines Cartographer

copyright © quiet details 2023 all rights reserved


As a label we support Tonic Music for Mental Health - an amazing charity supporting musicians - 'founded upon the belief that participation in music and the arts can aid you in your recovery from mental illness'
More here


All the very best



qd02 Field Lines Cartographer - Tone Maps

  • product info

    6-panel soft-touch matte digipack on recycled heavy card stock

    Translucent quiet details wrap

    Includes fine art print of the album artwork and Bandcamp download code of the individual tracks

    The CD has a special long-form edition of the album

    We love extended pieces and feel this is a wonderful way to experience the album as the artist intended

    One per customer

    After purchase, if you'd like a download of this version, please get in touch

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