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So pleased to say that up for their interpretation of quiet details we have the wonderful Daniel DeWitt who, as The Lifted Index, has taken the idea and made a beautifully peaceful and cathartic album that’s a real honour to release and a lovely addition to the series.


A vastly experienced live performer and with a series of past releases exploring his elegant and highly-processed guitar playing (Seil Records, Past Inside the Present), he shapes beautiful journeys that massage the body and soul - and we see that in all its glory with A Still Voice.


The album builds on his past work and takes in a more experimental and minimal direction - nothing is superfluous, every element is perfectly chosen and shaped to soothe and ease the listener into a reflective and hypnotic state of mind.

In part also inspired by the Endō classic, Silence, here is the intentional decision to exclude any voices or guitar melodies on this one to further punctuate the feeling of disconnection.

The album manages to bridge the gap between this careful and considered attention to detail and a feeling of spontaneity and organic evolution as each track unfolds.

Deep bass tones live next to his guitar manipulations, while affected and synthesised sounds fill the spaces in between.
Hazy lo-fi elements contrast with pure sounds, it’s a masterclass in restraint from someone who understands and knows exactly the headspace they’re aiming to give to the listener.