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Extremely happy to say that next up in the quiet details series is the wonderful Andrew Hargreaves, here as Tape Loop Orchestra. 

Andrew is a musician of many talents, producing work across a diverse range of genres, all to wide acclaim. From industrial explorations as Beppu, to ambient and experimental work under his own name, to being a founding member of The Boats (along with Craig Tattersall then later Danny Norbury) and, in maybe his most well known solo guise, Tape Loop Orchestra. Recently he’s also had fantastic success making beautiful left-field pop with his band The Mistys. 
He also co-ran Lacies Records, has appeared on many hugely respected labels and self-releases much of his work. 

Here, as TLO we find Andrew at his most minimal and entrancing. Using a stripped back set-up of a test tone generator, tape machines and fx, he layers sustained oscillations and allows them to weave themselves together, creating something entirely new in the process. 

Carefully chosen tunings of the sine drones allow acoustic evolution when stacked on each other, organically creating new rhythms and harmonic structures, which arise and then disappear into the textual ether as subtly as they came. 
Tape and saturation play a huge part in adding a deeply three-dimensional element to the album, as the entire soundstage is engulfed with everything from the most subsonic frequ