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For our final release of the year, I’m so pleased to have the wonderfully talented multi-disciplinary artist Cat Tyson Hughes sharing her gorgeous take on the quiet details concept. 

Cat has a history of creating the most incredibly pure and ethereal music, with her last album on Past Inside the Present and before that her stunning debut self-released full-length. Very few artists begin with such assured and mature work and Cat has built on her innate musicality to continue making music of the highest calibre - after hearing her previous work I knew she’d be a perfect addition to the series and what she delivered far exceeded all my expectations. 

This is an album of calm and gentle beauty - washes of Cat’s vocal soar over deep and undulating bass creating three-dimensional worlds of immense depth and space - you can feel the emotion and honesty emanating as each track unfolds. 
This is healing music. 

Delicate melodies emerge through these clouds and waves of sonic bliss, with constant movement and endless layers overlapping to create soundscapes that have the potential to transport you to another place - the combination of vocal and synth harmonies with field recordings and electro-acoustics has resulted in an album with a character completely unique to Cat, nobody makes music quite like this, we’re very lucky to experience it. 

In Cat’s own words this is “about childhood imagination and having the chance to live the simplest childhood dreams as an adult” - this is a deeply personal album and you can hear that resonate across every second. Roses in the Casement Window was an image that became a reality, and the album’s dream-like qualities translate this in the most lucid way. 

We’re also very happy to have some amazing artists contribute along the way - marine eyes, zakè and Jim McDonald - all adding their touch to a track each - I also was part of a track as fields we found. marine eyes (Cynthia Bernard) and zakè need no introduction, having been responsible for some of the most stunning music of recent years; and Jim is a long time collaborator of Cat’s, both playing together in the band Fire to the Stars - so pleased to have them all on the label. 

Huge thanks to Cat for this wonderful album and being a part of the series. 
The amount of work she put into the long-form version is staggering too, it’s a truly seamless journey that’s entirely captivating from start to finish. 

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album - originating from a picture of a rose Cat grew herself, this was then collaged and captured using analogue photography. The resulting images were manipulated by hand and in various ways to arrive at the final artwork. 

As usual, the album is presented on the physical edition, a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too. 
The CD also has a special long-form continuous mix of the album, representing the music in its purest form.  


releases December 13, 2023 

Music by Cat Tyson Hughes 
Mastered by Alex at quiet details studios 
Artwork by quiet details in collaboration with Cat Tyson Hughes 
Design by quiet details


all rights reserved

qd11 Cat Tyson Hughes - Roses in the Casement Window

  • product info

    Bandcamp discount code sent after purchase (makes total price the same in both places)

    6-panel soft-touch matte digipack on recycled heavy card stock

    Translucent quiet details wrap

    Includes fine art print of the album artwork and Bandcamp download code of the individual tracks

    The CD has a special long-form edition of the album

    We love extended pieces and feel this is a wonderful way to experience the album as the artist intended

    One per customer

    After purchase, if you'd like a download of this version, please get in touch

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