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Music by Whettman Chelmets 
Mastered by Alex at quiet details studios 
Artwork by quiet details in collaboration with Whettman Chelmets 
Design by quiet details 

Additional Musicians: 
Lucy - additional vocals “Prelude to A New Place” 
Reece - screwdriver guitar “Longing for a New Place” 

Delighted to announce that next up in the quiet details series, with an incredible interpretation of the idea, is Whettman Chelmets. 

A singular artist, Whettman truly defies genre-boundaries, taking his experimental and visionary approach to music creation through many different guises. 
Largely guitar-focused and broadly covering drone/shoegaze/ambient, yet deconstructing each of those generic terms into something truly unique and purely his own. With releases on such diverse labels as Flaming Pines, Submarine Broadcasting, Girly Girl, Strategic Tape Reserve and more - each new release promises something very special and unexpected. 

A New Place is exactly that - originating from an improvised, deeply poetic song from his young daughter and extrapolated into his own improvisations, thoughts circling of yearning for new things and the nostalgia for the past - ultimately creating powerful and moving pieces that are utterly compelling. 
Highly textural, the three tracks are each complete worlds of their own - using a palette of guitars, synths, field recordings and trumpet from Whettman, his two children, Lucy and Reece guesting on vocals and screwdriver guitar respectively - we hear the full range of sonic emotion. 

Soft and gentle murmurations morph into walls of layered structures - always shifting and advancing into yet new scenes that elicit unpredictable feelings. The musicality is a match for the sound design, both so refined and precise while always feeling organic and natural - you can feel his hands making this music, the nuances come through perfectly. 

Beautiful picked guitar evolves into heavily saturated washes which turn into vast open spaces - this is a true masterclass in using every corner of dimensional space and the complete frequency spectrum to say exactly what he wants to say in this time and place. 

“There's a cyclical nature to the whole thing, and I'd like to highlight that with the words.  We humans spend most of out time longing.  It seems to be what drives us.  Not inherently a bad thing, I don't think, but at the same time, takes us away from the Now.  I think the work here focuses on that.  We long for things.  Then we find said things.  Then we continue to long.  Always on the precipice of fulfillment, but never actually there.” 

At times light and expansive, at times dark and evanescent, Whettman Chelmets has taken the quiet details concept to a wonderful and extraordinary world - A New Place in every wonderful regard. 

Huge thanks to Whettman for everything, a complete and gorgeous addition to the series. 

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album - originating from a photo from Whettman which was then captured with analogue photography and processed here at quiet details studios. 

As usual, the album is presented on the physical edition, a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too. 
The CD also has a special long-form continuous mix of the album, representing the music in its purest form.   


releases May 29, 2024 

copyright © quiet details 2024


all rights reserved

qd18 Whettman Chelmets - A New Place

  • product info

    Bandcamp discount code sent after purchase (makes total price the same in both places)

    6-panel soft-touch matte digipack on recycled heavy card stock

    Translucent quiet details wrap

    Includes fine art print of the album artwork and Bandcamp download code of the individual tracks

    The CD has a special long-form edition of the album

    We love extended pieces and feel this is a wonderful way to experience the album as the artist intended

    One per customer

    After purchase, if you'd like a download of this version, please get in touch

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