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Coming soon - qd02 Field Lines Cartographer - Tone Maps

Hi friends!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that next Wednesday 15th March we have our second quiet details album being released.

For the next interpretation we have one of the modern masters of atmospheric, enveloping soundscapes, Mark Burford as Field Lines Cartographer.

With a history of incredible albums and live shows, it’s an honour to be sharing Mark’s take on the idea - a mix of beautiful synthesised textures and delicate field recordings.

Created on a range of analogue and digital synths and effects, combined with the field recordings taken on the isle of Anglesey, Mark draws out an astonishing sound palette in his own unique way - there’s nobody quite like him and it’s such a pleasure to share this wonderful album with you.

As usual, a special long-form version of the album is presented on the physical edition - with artwork directly inspired by the music.

We’ve had so much love and positivity back from everyone who’s heard it so far - if you want to take a listen check these links from the wonderful DJs and curators that have played tracks on their shows. As always, please show your support by following their work and music, they give so much energy supporting artists and labels and deserve our all our appreciation! Plus you’re guaranteed regular amazing music so win-win for everyone :)

Clair’s Sonic bookclub

Kate Bostworth’s Dark Train

Alex Ruder’s Pacific Notions

Shaun Blezard and Steve Robson’s Space is the Place

Last and certainly not least, Lippy Kid’s Electronic Odyssey

So yeah, lots to enjoy and huge thanks to this lovely lot - support them as much as you can and also track down all the other music you like in these shows on Bandcamp and your fav record shop - anything you can give helps artists keep making the music we all want to hear x

More soon and thanks for reading!



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