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Coming soon - qd03 Luke Sanger - Salt Water Motifs

Hi friends!

Hope you’re all doing well out there :)

Very happy to announce that next up to give us his interpretation of quiet details, it’s the wonderfully talented and multi-disciplinary Luke Sanger - out next Wednesday 12 April.

Stalwart of the UK music scene and beyond, Luke has been making music and performing under a number of aliases for years - from deep synthesised psychedelia to jacking techno to the most spaced-out dub-influenced electronica - he’s covered a lot of ground and each time showed his originality and unsurpassed understanding of electronic music.

Here, with ‘Salt Water Motifs’, we find we him creating an otherworldly journey with off-kilter fuzzy melodics and morphing auditory illusions - this is heady and beautiful music, taking the quiet details idea and making something truly unique.

As linked in a previous post - the lovely Headphone Commute reviewed it as part of their tryptic of quiet details articles - here it is again for some beautiful words about the album.

Artwork made in-house as usual with paper-making, natural dyes, mixed media, collage and analogue photography (will do a separate post on my process for that soon).

Mastered my dear friend by Ian Hawgood - wonderful as always :) Loads of back-catalogue releases are regularly being added to his folk reels Bandcamp page - solo, collabs, so much beautiful music - highly recommended!

And accompanying the CD and extended mix version, a first for qd, we’ll also have a super-limited cassette edition, with a different version of the artwork and the long-form audio in two distinct parts.

Huge thanks to Luke for the music and being a part of the series.

Check out his Bandcamp and beyond for a vast selection of music, two of my favs being:

on Balmat

on Frequency Domain

Dig into both those labels too, lots of fantastic releases.

More soon!

Much love


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