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Coming soon - qd09 observatories (Ian Hawgood and Craig Tattersall) - frost forms

Hi friends!

Hope all good :)

Overjoyed to say that our next release in the quiet details series is a collaboration between two of the most important and influential artists of recent years, Ian Hawgood and Craig Tattersall, here as observatories.

Out next Wednesday 11th October - CD with long-form version and art print, digital of individual tracks x

Where to start with Ian and Craig? Both have incredible back-catalogues of their own music - Ian under his own name and many other projects; Craig as the humble bee, as himself and numerous collabs (he's also a founding member of The Boats, The Remote Viewer and other massively respected outfits) - Ian runs and curates Home Normal, one of the most loved labels around as well as a history as one of the most in-demand mastering engineers; Craig ran Cotton Goods, Moteer and Mobeer, labels whose huge influence can still be felt today. He currently co-runs Umbrella Publishing and has an extensive visual arts practice.

All-in-all, both legends and pioneers I feel endlessly honoured to call good friends - and it's such a privilege to share their latest album together - frost forms.

Masters in the art of tape manipulation, field recording and the most beautiful melodic sensibilities, together they've created something so wonderful that it largely defies words.

Disintegrating tape loops, piano and other electro-acoustic fragments blend with highly-detailed textures recorded in unknown places - the combination of musicality and sound design is breathtaking and exactly what we've come to expect from these two peerless artists. There’s a bravery and creativeness to their music that constantly surprises - delicate, reflective and expertly crafted - everything in its right place and paced to perfection. It’s my great pleasure to share this with you, so much respect and admiration for these two - I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

We’re very lucky to have two previous observatories albums, both on the fantastic label, IIKKI.

And here’s two albums (out of so many I could choose) under their own names, these of course only scratch the surface of the wonders to discover.

And I can’t leave this one out - I listen to all the humble bee records regularly and this one has been on heavy rotation lately.


A few shout outs to people who’ve played tracks from the album so far, huge thanks and full support to all the DJs and writers - I say it every time but please check them out, they do so much to promote great music and are vital to the scene x

Firstly huge thanks to Colin at Castles in Space and Neil Mason, who together publish the brilliant Moonbuilding mag, which has quickly become one of the best publications around - with a slew of articles, reviews and more on music from all corners - this month very kindly featuring quiet details as their ‘label we love’ - with beautiful and very generous words about what we do and a full interview with me about the label. I also made an exclusive track for the release as fields we found - which is together with loads of other incredible music and available here:

And the DJs -

Anthony Child (Surgeon) - Nog Zone

DJ BLeeK - Distress Signals from Fort Polio - Urban Mutant Radio

Space Is The Place Radio Show

Kate Bosworth - Dark Train - the 82nd Mutation


So exciting times :) One week to go, thanks to all of you for your support as always!

Much love

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