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Coming soon - qd13 Maps and Diagrams - if all will be lost

Hi friends - hope all good :)

Very pleased to announce that next to share their interpretation of quiet details is the much-loved and prolific stalwart of the electronic music world - Tim Martin (Diagram) - here as Maps and Diagrams.

Out next Wednesday 7th February, digital and limited CD with long-form edition and art print. Listening party time TBC - all welcome!

Including works with a list of illustrious collaborators, Tim has produced scores of albums over the past 20+ years on some of the scene’s most respected labels - and also runs the lovely Handstitched* label, which is a fantastic series, full of his own music and other talents. He hand-makes the artwork and packaging himself to make proper pieces of art.

As Maps and Diagrams he has given us a string of beautiful albums, and ‘if all will be lost’ continues this in stunning form.

Electro-acoustic and synthesised elements endlessly develop, as beautifully textured as they are melodic. As Tim says he was “working within the concept of a quieter sound… ..I’ve constructed an environment of lowercase composition… ..formed into tape loops and recurring instances for an intentional shift towards an experimental tonality and a natural space within the music”. Full quote coming next week.

I’m so pleased to be releasing this record, I dearly love it and Tim’s a wonderful person overflowing with positive energy and creativity.

So here’s some of his music for you to check out:

One of his solo albums:

And a collab recently released on LAAPS:

So looking forward to sharing this next week x


Found out yesterday that qd12 zakè has reached number 63 in the Official Top 100 Album charts! Just incredible.

Peaking at number 63 is mind-blowing - massive thanks to all of you for making it happen!


As usual, as two weeks have passed since the release of qd12, on the 1st Feb it’ll be up on streaming services - if you missed my post with my thoughts on streaming - you can check it out here.

Essentially buying music, digital and/or physical, is by far the best way to support artists and streaming will never replace that or come close for helping artists to keep doing what they do - but there’s more to the story.


Now some shout-outs:

I mentioned the start of the new Moonbuilding Weekly by Neil Mason in collab with Castles In Space recently, and what a brilliant start it’s had - two issues in and already essential reading for good music news on a Friday.

Very honoured q12 Lapis by zakè featured in the inaugural edition as the first entry of the good stuff column - “This is (another) corker of a release from qd. zakè’s work has real soul. There’s an atmosphere to his work that is something special… ..And it all comes in the now signature qd artwork. What a release, what a label. It’s also their 12th outing. What a way to celebrate a year of existence. This really is the good stuff.”

Read it all here, highly recommend subscribing and supporting however you can:


Kate Boswoth on her Dark Train show on Warminster Radio





So see you next Wednesday - first thing as always x

Much love


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