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Coming soon - qd14 Ian Boddy - modal operandi

Hey friends - hope all good :)

So pleased to announce that next in the quiet detail series we have a true legend of electronic and synthesiser music, the visionary Ian Boddy.

Exploring some of the most creative corners of the sound world since the late 70s - releasing a wonderful catalogue of constantly evolving albums, playing live and also running the legendary DiN label which has an unparalleled archive of music and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year - a stunning and hugely inspiring achievement.

qd14 modal operandi is Ian on top form - taking the quiet details idea and making something that is both conceptually and sonically vast. Using a purely analogue synth and effects set-up, each track moves through successive musical modes, giving melodic and harmonic motion throughout the course of the album. Every piece is also based around a processed field recording, natural and synthetic elements combining beautifully.

At times gentle and calm, at others heavy and powerful - this is a tour de force from a true icon of electronic music - it’s beyond an honour to share it with you.

It’s out next Wednesday 28th Feb, with a listening party 20:00 UK on the 29th.

The artwork for qd14 was done in collaboration with Ian’s very talented partner, Wendy Carroll, an artist and photographer - you can see more here:

For now, here are two albums of Ian’s I love, first his last solo album:

And second an album which is a collection of his live modular synth performances:

So next week friends - this one is very special x


Now some shout-outs to our wonderful DJs and writers - support them if you can, they mean so much to me and deserve as much love as we can give.




Much love and see you next week :)


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