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Coming soon - qd20 Plant43 - The Unfading Spark

Hi friends - hope all good :)

For the next interpretation of quiet details, I’m extremely happy to welcome the super-talented multi-disciplinary artist Emile Facey, aka Plant43.

Purveyor of proper electro and the deepest ambiences with a long string of releases over nearly twenty years - live performer and current resident at the legendary Berlin club Tresor - founding member of the Bleep43 crew (known for wide-ranging events spanning techno from the likes of Surgeon to deep-listening sessions recently including scene stalwarts such as DJ Krust and Jo Johnson, and hot off the back of a stunning Glastonbury session) - label founder, visual artist and all round amazing person - he’s made something truly special and I’m very much looking forward to sharing it with you x

Taking all these many years involved with music and distilling it into a truly wonderful album - The Unfading Spark mixes beautiful and highly textured synths with widescreen atmospheric depth - at times rhythmic and propulsive, at others floating through vast and endless expanses, always with intricate sound-design and a perfectly honed sense of structure.

An instant post-club classic, there’s a hugely inspiring story behind the making of the album and the link to Tresor and its wonderful crew - will share more next week.

Exciting times friends, an honour to welcome Plant43 to the label with this stunning album - next Wednesday 10th July, first thing as always!

Bandcamp Listening Party Thursday 11th 19:00 UK time - hope you can all join us :)

Artwork done in collaboration with Plant43 and the album mastered here at quiet details studios.

For now, check out these previous releases to get an idea of what’s to come - all incredible and show the range of Emile’s skills.

Here’s the latest album showing a mix of beatless ambience and dance-floor gear:

A gorgeous ambient LP:

And a new EP coming soon - tip for the listening party if you can make it:


So pleased to see qd19 Loula Yorke reach number 41 in the Official Album Charts, just incredible to see such support for true independent music - thanks all so much, couldn’t do it without you!

It's also now up on other platforms (if you missed it, here are my thoughts on streaming).

Essentially - buying music from Bandcamp/qd website/record shops etc. is infinitely better for artists and means we can do what we do (and that goes for all artists and labels, not just us), but if you have bought an album and/or use these platforms - we have always up-to-date quiet details full discography playlists here (latest releases at the top and nearly fifteen hours of music to sink into):


Shout-outs now - listen, read and support these people however you can - just here below is hours of music and plenty to discover from these incredible diggers.

Space is the Place previewing a track on their show

Richard Heinemann on E-Lodie

Huge thanks to The Wire (big fan and long time reader) and Xenia Benivolski for the lovely review of speak.. (and Volta) - snippet below, read the full thing in the physical mag and/or digital sub - highly recommend doing so regularly, brilliant music journalism and well worthy of our support.

Tony Surgeon for playing a track on the Nog Zone on Noods Radio

New friends Beatburger with the qd19 review

marine eyes including Loula in her July women of ambient

Jon More including qd19 and qd12 zakè in his latest Out2Lunch mix

Chelidon Frame on wait_noise


Thanks again and see you next week!

Much love


quiet details studios - mastering and audio services


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