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Huge thanks for the support and listening party link x

Hey friends :)

Thanks so much for all the support and kind words about qd13 Maps and Diagrams - this one’s very special for a number of reasons, so very pleased to see all the love for the album - it’s dear to my heart and very happy to share it with you all.

Before lunch yesterday it was already top of the Bandcamp ambient chart which was one of the fastest ever for us - this morning still there and fifth overall in any genre and format.

All down to you and your support - when I started quiet details I hoped we’d get a group of people who would be into what we were doing, you’ve all exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more grateful - so thank you x

First big bag of post gone - more out today - CDs going fast.

Listening party today (not Friday as I accidentally put in the first mail out) - 8th Feb 18:00 UK - these are always super positive and fun, Tim and I would love you to join us - everyone welcome so hope you can make it.

Much love and hopefully see you later!


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