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Last day of half price, arovane studio pics and shout-outs :)

Hi friends!

Thanks so much again for the amazing support for arovane’s incredible album polymer - so many CDs out the door (stocks now very low if you want..) and loads of people picking up the digital, still high up in the Bandcamp charts - last day today to grab it half price.

And huge thanks to everyone that attended the Bandcamp listening party on Monday - was so good to get together to chat and listen with you and so many artists and music friends - I love the format so look out for more in the future - already planning for qd08 in September, very excited to share that one with you :)

You can also buy our music from our website - where you can find out about what we do, masterings services and more. Bandcamp digital code included with every CD purchased so you can listen there too.

And, in case you didn’t know, if you bought any qd CD you can also have a code for a Bandcamp digital download/streaming link of the special long-form edition of the release too - just message me via the website and I’ll send it over.


For any of you interested in the studio gear and techniques arovane used on this album, here are some details and a few pics. He’s a prolific sound-designer for some of the top music tech companies around (Arturia, Native Instruments, Ableton, Nonlinear Labs, Soundmorph, Twisted Tools…) so you know when he chooses a set-up it’s with the utmost care and attention to achieve exactly what’s he aiming for - which he did so masterfully on polymer.

Equipment used - ADDAC system 112 looper & granular processor, Chase Bliss Mood mkII, Generation Loss mkII, Arturia Microfreak, VST synthesizers and FX plugins & microphones. granular techniques, field recordings, convolver techniques.

As I’ve said before, there aren’t many artists out there with such a high level of technicality mixed with such beautiful musicality - arovane’s one of the masters and it’s such a pleasure to share his music with you.


Now some shout-outs to our friends that have played, reviewed or shared the album - like I always say, please support these deeply committed people - they do so much work for the scene (often with very little in return) and spread the word about music and culture - big love to all of them.

And so much love to all the friends and supporters of the label that shared the album across the internet and beyond - so grateful to see photos, comments and conversation about what we do x

Neil Mason includes polymer in his Good Stuff posts - keep an eye out for the next edition of the excellent Moonbuilding mag - a collab between Neil and the awesome Castles in Space label - they kindly asked me to do an interview for the “Labels we Love” section - was a lot of fun! I also contributed an exclusive Fields we Found track - produced, mixed live to tape and mastered here at quiet details studios - previous editions of the mag here - highly recommended.

And stop the press! Just saw that Headphone Commute just added quiet details to their ‘labels hall of fame’! Very cool to be the only label under ‘q’ :)

Big honour - huge thanks to the peerless Mike for everything he does x


So thanks again friends, really humbled by all the support you’ve given the label and its artists - so appreciative and so pleased we’ve all connected in such a beautiful way :)

Also thanks to all of you that’ve come to me to master your music!

Really is wonderful to help you get your projects ready for release and share them with the world - keep making music, creating something from nothing is such an inspiring way to live x

Much love and more soon!



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