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qd19 Loula Yorke - speak, thou vast and venerable head - out now!

Hi friends - hope all good :)

So pleased to announce that next to give their interpretation of the quiet details idea is one of the most creative forces in recent times, the synthesist and sound artist, Loula Yorke.

Out now on digital and limited CD with long-form edition, six panel digipack and fine art print. Digital half price until 28th June x

Listening party Thursday 20th June - 19:00 UK time - link to follow.

Having been involved with music for many years, Loula’s star is burning brighter than ever - following a series of incredible studio albums, this year’s Volta landed to widespread critical acclaim, adored by fans of nuanced and highly musical synth work - this, coupled with her stunning live modular performances have made her one of the most loved and admired artists around.

speak, thou vast and venerable head sees Loula taking all this innate understanding and skilled experience to dive deeper into her psychedelic worlds of the raw electricity and vast soundscapes.

This is music made with a symbiotic relationship to her machines, and you can feel Loula’s energy flowing through as it moves ever forward, huge spatial plains of infinite depth guided by pure intuition. Galvanic analogue vibrations meets acidic resonant shapes, constantly moving timbres and spaces - endless drones and atmospheres underpin this voltage controlled and uniquely tactile universe.

Adept at bringing the natural world into her work, highly processed field and environmental recordings feature prominently and provide an unknown familiarity and perfect juxtaposition to the filtered and manipulated harmonics so beautifully crafted from each electronic oscillation.

You can feel the human emotion guiding this music, Loula at her perceptive and spontaneous best.

Always thoughtful and incisive, the inspirations for the album draw on literature (Moby Dick, Wordsworth), and delves into history and connections only someone with her sensitive originality could see. In her own words:

This album is a plank in the hull of an imaginary ship that once set sail on a quest to uncover the meaning of it all.

By recombining patterns of synthesised sounds with field recordings taken from my immediate vicinity, I attempt to cause a glint in the surface of the waves.

Onward together, Loula

Huge thanks to Loula for everything, a complete and gorgeous addition to the series.

Mastered at quiet studios.

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album - originating from a photo from Loula which was then captured with analogue photography and processed here at qd studios.


Also out today is the second run of the stunning qd13 Maps and Diagrams - if all will be lost

‘if all will be lost’ is Maps and Diagrams at his most nuanced - within constantly evolving landscapes we see delicate and beautifully textured miniatures fading in and out of view - it’s a huge organic world we find ourselves in, with the sense of forward motion matched by the deep feeling of serenity.

The level of sound design is indicative of the amount of time Tim has spent honing his craft - you feel you recognise some of the elements yet it’s hard to make out their acoustic origin - just gorgeous tones that complement each other perfectly - something is always happening, at its right time, in its right place.

Metals, wood, strings, synths, field recordings - all processed to form a place all of its own. At times psychedelic, others peaceful and serene - this is a wonderful album that only someone with an innate understanding and years of experience of music could create.


Now some shout-outs:

Fringes of Sound with a lovely review of A New Place

Always one for creating complex and ever-changing soundscapes, Whettman Chelmets makes his debut on the Quiet Details with the incredibly heartfelt album A New Place. In his own words, the album is about being on the precipice of fulfillment - that feeling that there is just one thing you need to do, accomplish, or obtain in order to feel fulfilled. But then once it is in your grasp, the feeling remains. It's a concept that I (and many others I'm sure) can understand all too well, especially as I live longer and longer. This mood, this idea, and this feeling are captured all too effortlessly in the music as softly plucked guitars drift in and around the hazy clouds filled with longing that make up the pads and other atmospherics of each track. 

Electronic Sound mag’s Mat Smith with a great review of En Sten For Solen and also featuring the album artwork, as always made here at qd studio in collaboration with the artist.

Headphone Commute for another wonderful review - read the full thing here

On En Sten For Solen, which means “a stone to the sun” in Danish, we peel apart more quiet details among the tape hiss, lo-fi treated, sometimes barely audible synth chords and swells smothered in something distorted, fluctuating, and reverberating, and something else organic, becoming one with this incredibly dense blanket of a lull.

Finally, Nick Malkin playing a track on his Post Geography NTS show

I say it often but always worth repeating - huge thanks and gratitude to all these people - the writers, DJs and everyone else involved in sharing music - we’re all in this together for the love of creativity and positivity - support these people by listening, reading and any other way you can x


Thanks again friends - means the world to do this together.

Much love


quiet details studios - mastering and audio services


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