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qd20 Plant43 - The Unfading Spark - out now!

Hi friends - hope all good :)

Very happy to say that next up in the quiet details series is the wonderful producer and live performer of everything from the deepest ambience to true dance-floor electro, Emile Facey, otherwise known as Plant43.

Out now on digital and limited CD with long-form edition, six panel digipack and fine art print. Digital half price until 19th July x

Listening party Thursday 11th July - 19:00 UK time - link to follow.

Resident of the legendary Berlin club and cultural institution, Tresor, with nearly twenty years of cutting-edge releases across genres, and untouchable international live performances of pure energy - Plant43 is one of the leaders at bringing authentic electronic music culture to our ears in the most genuine way possible. He also runs and does the graphic design for his label Plant43 Recordings and is a co-founder of the Bleep43 crew who, originating from techno/electro sessions with regulars such as Surgeon and Convextion/ERP, now regularly put on some of the best and most wide-ranging deep-listening events around.

The Unfading Spark shows this immense and honest experience realised to stunning effect. An instant post-club classic, his innate melodic and textural understanding mixes perfectly with a sense of build and release, the album moving through its own indelible world of space-time to completely immerse the listener in its expanding beauty.

Influenced directly by his experiences at Tresor, with the first half of the album made as he went through the timeline of the experience playing there, here we see the impeccable marriage of widescreen synths, elastic bass and minimal syncopated percussion nodding to classic electro sound-design, with vast and polychromatic atmospheres, sparkling digital synthesis and ever-shifting distant landscapes - emotionally the quiet moments are as important as the loud and he finds the spaces between in a way that everyone who has experienced such moments can relate to.

The album feels like watching your favourite film, each track being a distinct scene with a story to tell, moving seamlessly from moment-to-moment, keeping you fully engaged for the duration and leaving you with an almost indescribable after-glow when it’s over. An example of thoughtful and mesmerising parts somehow creating something even more beautiful when combined so skilfully.

In Plant43’s own words:

Carried on soft strings this unfading spark takes hold. Like wisps of vapour carrying spells on the wind, we move and listen, together. Voices from high above fill the air and cradled by love from afar, we keep the spark alive.Thanks to Paul Ćinske and all of the caring staff at Tresor, Berlin. To Jo, Alex and Mike for your support and love.

This album is wonderful example of an artist taking the quiet details idea and making it their own - there are no limits to people that can be involved or the styles that can be incorporated, just musicians we love and their unique take on the idea.

Huge thanks to Plant43 for everything, a fantastic and evolutionary addition to the series.

Mastered at quiet details studio.

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album - originating from a photo from Emile which was then captured with analogue photography and processed here at quiet details studios. 


Also out today is the second run of the outstanding qd14 Ian Boddy - modal operandi.

A masterclass in synthesis across seven musical modes, so pleased to be able to share this again if you missed it the first time round.

Read more here:


Time for some shout-outs too:

Kate Bosworth on Dark Train

Richard Heinemann on E-Lodie

Bepi Crespan Presents Episode July 6, 2024

Lippy Kid on Electronic Odyssey

Mat Eric Hart on Sonic Tapestries

DJ SpaceTerrapin on It Came From Enclosure Three

Huge thanks to these lovely people as always - support them if you can x

Sorry too if I’ve missed anyone, my Instagram feed where I see a lot of these was stuck on the 26th June for ages - working again now so if you know of anything I’ve not seen, please let me know!


Thanks again all, hope you enjoy Plant43’s beautiful album x

Much love


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