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quiet details studios - mastering and audio services now open to the community

Hey friends!

Firstly, a huge thanks again for all your support on Field Lines Cartographer’s quiet details album - we’re so grateful to all of you and it’s been amazing to hear all your lovely comments and positivity. Last day of half price today!

So onto something new for all my music friends out there - very pleased to say quiet details studios, providing mastering and audio services, is now open to the public and taking on work from artists and labels.

With more than twenty years of experience working in the audio and music worlds, over time I’ve put together a hybrid analogue and digital studio which is now available to help to anyone who needs the final touches for their music. Digital, vinyl, cassette, whatever you’re looking for I’m happy to chat.

For me, mastering starts with a conversation with the artist to make sure we know exactly how you want the music to sound when released - it’s your art so I can be as transparent or creative as necessary to get it where you’d like it to be.

I’m a musician too so can understand where you’re coming from on an artistic level and translate this to the technical decisions to get the best out of your music.

Here are a few comments from the last piece I worked on from the wonderful Tarotplane (huge thanks to him for letting me share):

“The whole thing’s more "vintage" - it has that timeless aspect I was talking about - my ears can sink into the tracks a lot better now”

“To me it's really important to have frequencies that support the piece and allow your mind to drift. Your work does that 100% - really happy!”

Good and flexible rates, quick turnaround - drop me a message if there’s anything you need :)

Check out for more info

Much love



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