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Shout-outs and wonderful people to check out :)

Hi friends :)

Thanks so much yet again for all your amazing support - been great to see all the lovely comments, pictures and general positivity for qd06 by the creative wonder that is ‘t Geruis.

Been a fantastic first week, topping the Bandcamp ambient charts and shipping loads of CDs all over world.

Half price digital only until this Friday and physical edition with special long-form mix and separate art print still available.

“tu m'as manqué, je t'aime”

Loads of good vibes and support from the DJs and press, feel so grateful how everyone’s taken us close to their hearts, all credit to the artists and their amazing music, and putting faith in qd to share it with the world.

All the mixes and features play/mention qd06 and loads of other incredible music - these are selectors of the highest quality - highly recommend checking them and their choices out - much to discover!

Loads of amazing fan photos too, a few of my favs

So much love to all our supporters x

Thanks again and more soon!



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