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Thanks so much, incredible support for qd15 Slow Reels - Listening Party this Friday :)

Hi all - hope you’re well :)

Huge thanks for all the support for qd15 Slow Reels so far, really is amazing every month to see so many regular names mixed with new ones - so grateful to all of you!

CDs going very fast if you want one - we reached top of the Bandcamp ambient charts yesterday and up to fourth overall in any genre/format - thank you so much x

The qd09 observatories CDs are moving quickly too, not many left.

Listening party link is up now - Friday 22nd March 19:00 UK - really hope you can join us - they’re always so positive and fun - love chatting music and whatever else with you so looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it :)

RSVP here:

Was such a lovey bit of timing to release qd15, a second run of qd09, and fall on the same day as Home Normal’s 15th birthday - Ian’s obviously involved with loads of music on the label, and so is James, being a regular contributor of consistently incredible albums - if you’re new to the label maybe start with some of his stuff, on his own or in a number of collabs.

Keep an eye on their Bandcamp page too as, along with discounts and the excellent subscription option, there’s a series of mixes made by Home Normal artists from selections of the back catalogue coming soon - starting this Friday with the wonderful David Cordero (who also has a beautiful album just out for pre-order on the label) and including one from me too.

I already put a mix together when I released Trust on the label, kindly hosted by the awesome Headphone Commute - here it is if you’d like an hour of classic HN.


Couple of quick shout-outs, thanks to:

Francis Beaubois on Electronic Therapy for playing a track from qd15

no place like drone for doing the same on their regular show on Dublin Digital Radio

Both awesome supporters - check out all their work x


So thanks again friends, really appreciate all the support and hopefully see you at the party :)

Much love


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