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Last day of half price, sine generator discovery and shout-outs :)

Hi friends!

Just want to take this opportunity to thank you all again for all the love and support you’ve shown for qd10 Tape Loop Orchestra - so many positive emails and kind comments across social media, pictures posted and shares.

Every single one is hugely appreciated in-and-of-itself and also because of all the new people we meet through these interactions - social media certainly has its problems, but I’ve been lucky enough to meet countless lovely souls through the various platforms and I’m very grateful to have that opportunity - the kindness and encouragement gives me all the enthusiasm in the world to keep building this wonderful little community you’re all a part of - so thank you :)

Today’s the last day of half price for Andrew’s incredible album and CD stocks are starting to get low, if you’ve not checked it out yet it might be the perfect thing for an easy weekend - and remember if you bought the CD message me through the qd website for the long-form edition download.


Any of you that were at the listening party or saw in my previous writing, the main sound source for the entire album was a Kikusui Model 4188 RC Oscillator, which Andrew found in a skip (the garbage), cleaned up, brought back to life and put to stunning use creating the album.

There are many parallels and metaphors you could draw from this - I love the simple idea of taking something long-forgotten and disregarded, literally scrapped, and using it to create something beautiful, which as I’ve seen by so many of your comments, has deeply touched many people.

There’s something wonderfully unassuming about it, and shows the creativity of Andrew’s imagination to not only see the potential, but have the skill to realise it.

So huge thanks again to Andrew and all of you - absolute pleasure to share this album with you x


Now some shout-outs - massive thanks as always, go check out their work!


Karen Vogt giving a preview of something coming next month - the show was live yesterday and will be up on Camp Radio’s Mixcloud soon I’m sure - check out Karen’s social media for the tracklist.. very excited about this one :)


That’s it for now friends, thanks for everything, support the musicians, DJs, writers and everyone else out there doing their best - much love and more soon!



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